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Best-selling camellia lashes at wholesale price

You ask us camellia lashes where to buy them. Welcome to try Darebeauty Lashes, we are a Top3 lash factory in China. We provide high-quality camellia lash at competitive wholesale prices and customize your lash trays as you want. Using our camellia lashes for sale can be good for your business.

Our customers often give good camellia lashes reviews, and the wholesale price helps them get big profits. It's more popular to use camellia lash in bars & boutiques. Camellia lash comes with 3 different lengths mixed on a single strip to take the lash artistry work out of creating a “wispy” lash set. You can easily create lash fans with different lengths for more natural and multi-dimensional styling. Creating textured sets is so much easier using camellia lashes. Use camellia lashes, all you have to do is follow your chosen lash map as you normally would. Make sure your longest extension is still a safe length for the client's natural lash. These camellia lash extensions allow you to create more dimensional voluminous sets easier than ever before.

Best Camellia lashes have 0.05,0.07,0.10 three diameters, each row has three different lengths like 7/9/11,8/10/12,9/11/13,10/12/14, which mimics the eyelash's natural growth cycle. Lash extensions always have classic, hybrid, volume, and mega volume, use camellia lash can do these 4 types of camellia eyelash extensions look more natural and gorgeous. The varying lengths of the lashes help to create depth and texture in your camellia eyelash extensions full set more easily than single-length lashes.