0.07 C Camellia Lash-120
0.07 C Camellia Lash-121
0.07 C Camellia Lash-122
0.07 C Camellia Lash-123

0.07 C Camellia Lash


Material: Korea PBT matte black and soft


Curl: I, J, B, C, CC, D, DD, L, LC, LD, M

Length:7/9/11, 8/10/12, 9/11/13,10/12/14

Color: Black

Line:10 rows,12 rows,16 rows,18 rows,20 rows, etc

Style: Volume/Mega Volume/Hybrid Volume

Sample: accept

OEM: accept. Private Label own Brand

PAYMENT TERM: western union, PayPal, bank transfer

Delivery: DHL, FedEx

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Detalles de producto

Description of Camellia lashes

Camellia Eyelashes can be made for multi-length eyelash extension set. They are usually fuller than your classic lashes and more natural than the volume lashes set. Each row comes in 3 different lengths to mimic the natural growth cycle of eyelashes. Camellia lashes are more popular at this time. Our camellia lashes have 0.05 and 0.07 thickness, I, J, B, C, CC, D, DD, L, LC, LD, M curls, 7/9/11, 8/10/12, 9/11/13,10/12/14 different length, there are many kinds of lash trays for you to choose.

In the teaching of eyelashes, camellia lash usually teaches the students the advanced version of volume eyelashes, which can create rich layers more easily. The use of camellia lashes is the same as the use of volume eyelashes. First, the map of different parts of the client's eyelashes is determined according to the level of the client's primary eyelashes, then make fans by tweezers or hands. Finally, the eyelashes can be grafted on the client's natural eyelashes with our premium lash glue.

Different lengths in each strip ensure a textured effect and are more natural. These camellia volume lashes set are much fuller than the classic lashes set effect. Our unique sticky lash strip will prevent fans from separating at the base and doesn't have too much glue in the strip, letting you create beautiful 2d-20d volume fans within seconds

Darebeauty Lash Factory is a professional factory who do eyelash extensions in China. We provide high-quality lashes and lash tools for professional lash artists. All kinds of popular lashes you can find in our shop.

What styles of lashes are popular?

There are 3 different general lash styles famous for lashes artists, Russian volume, hybrid lashes, and classic lashes.

Russian Volume lash set is custom-made for every eye. Perfect for people who want a more natural charm or dramatic bushy look. Volume lashes are accomplished by attaching multiple thinner extensions to a single natural eyelash. 2-8D eyelashes are made and attached to one of your primary eyelashes in this set.

A hybrid lash set is a combination of single lashes and volume lashes. It can be said that the listed Russian volume lashes an upgraded version, and this is a good choice for lash artists. The effect of grafting will be more natural and can do different levels of grafting length and dimensional, so many clients are more inclined to this kind of style. This style adds single eyelash extensions to make it more flexible and natural than the normal style.

Classic lashes set is done by using one-by-one lash extensions to your one of primary lashes. Each natural lash can be grafted with the individual lash, and this set is often called "1:1" because it is grafted with a lash extension against one primary lash. This set will provide a more natural enhancement and is perfect for people with a natural volume effect.

High-quality eyelashes need skill and precision. Lash artists will customize a unique eyelash map for each client and make sure that each eyelash extension is placed in the right primary eyelash area. With such precision, the grafting time will usually be 1 to 2 hours, and in very few cases, it will damage your natural eyelashes. Natural lashes have falling cycles, so you need to refill your lashes 3-4 weeks after grafting.

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